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Early Concepts & Branding

I started with the VirtualU team while the VFit scanner was still in early development. The initial round of funding had just been completed, the overall branding was in place, but there was still plenty to do. I helped bring the ideas to life through design and animation that not only got the company their first few clients, but got us featured on platforms like TechCocktail, Bloomberg, and the Kairos Summit

Early Sales

As the product became closer to beta, I worked with VirtualU's COO to design sales packets, flyers, and more that would help establish VirtualU as the go-to for gym owners looking for the latest tech.

To Product Launch

I worked with the development and marketing teams to build a campaign around the beta launch of the VFit Scanner in January of 2015. The campaign featured both physical ads (featured left) as well as a digital campaign featured in the Washington Post


Launch Flyer (Custom)Launch Flyer (Custom)